Chito Vera, Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson, Yazmin Jauregui | UFC Connected

2022 ж. 24 Қар.
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  • Chito's fighting for his daughters happiness! It doesnt get any more important than that! His daughter is a true warrior!!! 😭❤❤

    Wheelchair CharlieWheelchair Charlie
  • oh man cried a bit , all the best chito and his family, what a guy

  • Heart Touching story Chito's putting his life on the line just to see his Daughter Smile is really something great Inspiring millions of Parents. The fact that he Loves her so much we all can resonate with him. I can understand his feelings completely.

  • I'm not crying, you are :') Chito's story was one of the most moving i've ever heard...

  • Chito KOed two of my heroes, and I didn’t like his cocky attitude and tryhard tattoos. I thought he was a complete tool. Now I’m sitting here in tears praying for him and his family. That’ll teach me never to judge a book by its cover.

    Mean Mr BeanMean Mr Bean
  • Muy orgullosa por Jasmin

    Denise PérezDenise Pérez
  • Chito is a super hero 😭🔥

    Andy MorasAndy Moras
  • I remember hearing about Chito's motivation and wondered how it went, this brought me to tears and I'm glad they got it done. Cheers!!!

    S'all good man!S'all good man!
  • Chito is the hero we all need in our lives ❤️🤗 thanks for making me ball my eyes out!

    Matthew TuffordMatthew Tufford
  • The fact that Chito himself is such a dog and he’s never been finished is a testament to how strong he is. Vamos, Chito, Vamos. 🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨

    sachin singhsachin singh
  • The 1st time I heard Chito's tell his story, ultimate fighter LA, I became a fan. He is a real good Father

  • Been saying it for a long time, Chito is gonna run through whoever they put in front of him. He's the next champion!

  • Lloré como un bb 😭. Chito is the real deal. Definition of love and power

    Joao Xavier CastellanosJoao Xavier Castellanos
  • Jauregui y chito de los mejores peleadores latinos 💓💓💓💓

    Denise PérezDenise Pérez
  • Dios bendiga siempre a Chito 😊

    Divîna JohannaDivîna Johanna
  • Nothing but respect for Chito💯

    Aimee NicholeAimee Nichole
  • Chito is a true hero.

    Edward HittenEdward Hitten
  • Chito story is so moving. Thanks for bringing that up to wider audience.

    Bartek PodogrodzkiBartek Podogrodzki
  • Tremenda historia de chito y de estos deportistas, espectacular. Gracias

    Hernan SotoHernan Soto
  • After watching this my heart has grown fonder of Chito for sure!!! 🔥 I wanna see him have that gold strap on 💪

    Street Maniac 🇿🇦Street Maniac 🇿🇦