Stephen Thompson vs Vicente Luque | FREE FIGHT | UFC Orlando

2022 ж. 25 Қар.
865 005 Рет қаралды

  • Wonderboy is an ultimate gentleman, he knew Luque was done and let off the last 30 seconds

  • Luque is such a some of the replay slowmos the guy does not even blink when he gets punched in the eye. Over and over again , some men are just born to take a punch and others can take everything you got all night and still put your lights out at anytime.

    Mike DiedrickMike Diedrick
  • Who else knocks people over with sheer force from body kicks? Absolute legend

  • I was NOT a fan going into this fight of Luque, but after this fight witnessing his toughness, fighter IQ, sportsmanship, and respect of the sport and his opponent, he definitely won me over as a fan. But im still a bigger Wonderboy fan.

    Nate SwanmanNate Swanman
  • Wonderboy, the grandmaster of Kenpo Karate! His speed is also unmatched (which is crazy at his height). Its also why stronger opponents still struggle with him.

  • Totally respect for Wonderboy! Great guy with master skills

    Ricardo LarsenRicardo Larsen
  • 12:06

  • when Stephen Thompson is on, he is still one of the best strikers out there

    bofah deezenuttzbofah deezenuttz
  • Wonder boy with that crazy anime dodge at

    The Don SavvyThe Don Savvy
  • Guys, if I fought Wonderboy I would say thank you everytime he hits me. He's so likable.

  • Stephens such an honorable skilled martial artist. Rooting for him heavy ⚡

  • 12:06

  • Thompson, the consummate pro. THE class act in MMA.

    mike marinomike marino
  • Wonderboys style and Luques aggressiveness made this a great fight. One of my all time favorites

    Ricardo MasvidalRicardo Masvidal
  • It’s still crazy how Wonderboy is 40 and still beat everyone he has fought on the feet, except that KO loss from Pettis.

    Khang NguyenKhang Nguyen
  • When Joe said "he stung him, he hurt him with the right hand" that was actually a head butt, I put that shit in slo mo

  • Beautiful performance by Wonderboy. And Luque tough as hell. Classic fight 🥋🔥

    Jordan ValenzuelaJordan Valenzuela
  • One of the best wonderboy fights to show someone everything on display here high level striking good martial arts being honorable and his ability to switch stances and dive in and out for strikes and those kicks.

    Dr. GainzzzDr. Gainzzz
  • Times when Luque was still badass 👊 His last performance against Geoff Neal was like the shadow of himself 🤕

    Jason RedJason Red
  • that straight left from Wonderboy is a dangerous shot.

    Mike 1285Mike 1285